Get in Touch with Domingo, Philippine Muslim Brother

Get in Touch with Domingo, Philippine Muslim Brother

We’ve never thought that through Halal.TW social media, we can guide someone (from Philippine) reaching out to Masjid for further learning of Islam. This is quite an interesting story and hopefully can inspire you to do the same.

Special Guest from Philippine

Last Sunday, we have a special guest from Changhwa. He is a foreign worker who originally came from Philippine. His name is Domingo. We had connected through Halal.TW social media and later on we decided to meet up in Taipei.

He has changed inside his heart through his journey and later decided to embrace Islam. His journey in Taiwan started out in 2009 and later he went to Saudi Arabia, also for work. When he was in Saudi Arabia, he met with several people who told him about Islam and Muslim.

When he was back in Taiwan for work on December 2017, he was ready to take a new path as a Muslim. His cousin, who already converted to Islam and working in Saudi Arabia, had known Halal.TW social media account for a while and thus, asked for a favor to help Domingo reaching out to the Masjid.

Familiar with Islam at the Beginning

Looking back at the past, Domingo is not really unfamiliar with Islam, because his wife’s family is coming from Mindanao, in which has been known for Muslim majority region in Philippine. He began knowing the Muslim culture, but still has doubt in his heart.

After Domingo met with Indian Muslim in Saudi Arabia, his unanswered questions were solved, and thus his heart for Islam becoming firm. His confusion becomes clear because sometimes most people mixed up with cultural things and principle teaching of Islam.

New Life, New Start

At the Masjid Domingo had a chance meeting up with the Imam and had a few conversations. The Imam gave some books in Tagalog language and prayer mats. Later the Imam setting up schedule for further learning with Muslims in Changhwa city to make Domingo feel ease. It is easier for him learning from someone in Changhwa.

muslim brother from Phillipine
Domingo (Left) was very happy after discussion with the Imam and having sightseeing in the Masjid

Domingo gave comments when he looks up the English translation of the Quran and saying that he can understand easily because, for him, the interpretation of the Quran is really straightforward.

It was a beautiful experience for Domingo. This is his first time experiencing Masjid and interacts with several people inside including the Imam. Although he hasn’t officially become a Muslim (taking a shahada), he already gets some insights and was scheduled to take his shahada later this weekend at Taichung Masjid. This is because Taipei Masjid officials cannot prepare the official certificate for him that day and thus scheduled him for the shahada at Taichung instead.

Muslim Brother from Phillipine
Author (right) and Domingo (Left) taking pictures at Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall gate.

After taking pictures at some peculiar landmark of Taipei, Domingo went home. He will begin his new life and a new start for his faith. Let’s hope that he can withstand any challenges and hold his faith firmly. May Allah guide him and us to the straight path!

Domingo (green shirt) and his new Muslim friends at Taichung.

PS: Domingo had taken his Shahada at Taichung Mosque on May, 14th 2018.

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