Get your healthy cuisine at Applering Cafe! (and it is HALAL!)

Get your healthy cuisine at Applering Cafe! (and it is HALAL!)

Newly opened Muslim Friendly Restaurant

Applering cafe is a newly opened Halal restaurant and located at Nanjing East Road, in between MRT Songjiang Nanjing and MRT Nanjing Fuxing. They are Muslim Friendly Restaurant, which means the owner is non-muslim and yet they are 100% Halal certified.

applering cafe
The front side of the restaurant. You can notice their red sign and their halal logo.

The restaurant offers a variety of cuisine that you can choose and customize. You can choose dishes with chicken or beef as the main ingredient with a variety of flavors that came from many countries.

They have several main dishes depending on what kind of cuisine do you want. They serve bread, noodle, and rice. They offer also a special section for Vegetarian, and you can choose Lacto-ovo or pure vegetarian from the menu.

Applering cafe
Inside of Applering cafe. The owner and staffs are very welcome 🙂

Innovative Cuisine: Healthy and Tasteful

What this restaurant highlighting is their dishes are healthy and fresh. They put their efforts to invent various cuisine with a variety of flavors and spices. That is why they put slogan: innovative cuisine. How to make dishes healthy and yet tasteful.

We asked the owner why he wants to be Halal certified, and he reply, “It is because the quality control for halal certification is very good and quite strict so we can ensure that we got healthy and clean meat and ingredients.”

We tried several dishes and drinks to test and yes, their taste is light and easy to digest. Their Beef Noodle taste is clean and light (we tried the sour flavor). Their rice-set came with main dishes (chicken or beef with a certain flavor that you can choose) and several side dishes (soup and vegetables).

Applering cafe
Their rice-set, including the main dish (Beef with Pumpkin Flavor), soup and vegetables.
Applering Cafe
Beef Noodle with Sour Flavor.

If you want to add drinks, you can save up 20 NTD. So, better to add it if you want. We test the morning milk cafe and it is really good. Perfect for your after-meal.

Applering cafe
It’s really tempting isn’t it?

You can check Applering Cafe at our app Please check it out and give it a review!

Applering cafe
Download our app and check this restaurant!

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