Last Tuesday, March 13th, was the ceremony for our achievement at the U-Start achievement award and exhibition. Officially, we were given the award and certificate by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. Even the Vice President of Taiwan attended the event and join the discussion session with other notable start-up teams in the stage.

u-start achievement
The Vice President just visited our booth and have a small discussion with us!
u-start achievement
This U-Start achievement trophy represents all the support from all of you!
u-start achievement
Many people came and discuss with our team, even they gave suggestions for us to become better

At this moment, we would like to express our immense gratitude to Allah, our Creator, our Source of Guidance, who Guides us along the way up until now.

Our profound gratitude also goes to our mentors, sponsors and all the app contributors and users. Without all of them, it will be impossible for us to get through.

It was a rough, harsh and yet exciting journey at the same time. There is still much to learn. Hopefully, we can do better to increase our performance to serves our community. Insha Allah.

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