Nantou County : Gem of Muslim-Friendly Nature Activities in Taiwan

Nantou County : Gem of Muslim-Friendly Nature Activities in Taiwan

The first thing that Muslim travelers asking when they want to go to Taiwan is “Where can I go?”, which we can answer with “You can go¬†to Nantou County! “.

Nantou County is one of the counties in Taiwan that has incredible beauty of Nature. From lake to mountain you name it! They have everything you wanna look for your travel in Taiwan. So, in this article we will give you our top recommendations for your visit to Nantou County, from the bottom of the mountain to the top, and go down from another part of the mountain.


Sun Moon Lake¬

Bright blue water and sky. That sentence is the best describing Sun Moon Lake. Located not far from the county center, it attracts people from all over the world. This lake is always busy from dawn till dusk. It is also in the foothills of Taiwan’s central mountain range and surrounded by forested peaks that has foot trails. Sun Moon Lake is also considered as Taiwan’s biggest lake, which every year during the Mid Autumn Festival thousands of people will join 3KM swimming race.

Source GuideToTaipei: Sun Moon Lake – at dusk.

Why is it called Sun Moon Lake? It’s because of the east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon.

If you go to this amazing lake by public transportation, you can visit surrounding areas of the lake using a ferry. The cost is around NT$300/person. Or you can use Gondola ^,^

Source GuideToTaipei: Sun Moon Lake – Gondola

But if you have scooter or car, you can drive along the lake to visit the surrounding areas, like temples, night market, etc.


Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

The amusement park is located not far from Sun Moon Lake, precisely it is located on the east side of the lake. The thing that makes this village unique is its distinctive for its Formosan aboriginal culture theme.

If you want to see how aboriginal Taiwanese’s culture, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a MUST to go! You can observe traditional¬†tribal lifestyle and traditions. As China Post mentioned in their article, the outdoor atmosphere gives visitors a glimpse of aboriginal heritage in an authentic setting by depicting the villages and lifestyles of Taiwan’s nine main tribes.

Source klook : Nantou County – Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Not only that, you can also enjoy some rides on its amusement area, and also European Garden, which considers as the largest European garden in Taiwan.

Fortunately for you in here there is a Halal Restaurant called Maya Restaurant! ^,^


Cingjing Farm

Cingjing Farm is all about nature! The amazing view of the mountaintops, sheeps everywhere, and the smell of no-pollution are incredible!

Halal XYZ – Nantou County – Cingjing Farm

All year round you can enjoy the beauty while walking from the top to bottom, following the steps from Green Green Grasslands, Guanshan Pastoral Area, Shoushan Park Ecological Area, 487-Steps Trail, and Small Swiss Garden.

Please start from Green Green Grassland because you will walk downward, rather than upward from Small Swiss Garden.

Halal XYZ – Nantou County – Cingjing Farm

If you like sheeps and horses, that is the best place for you to visit! The farm allows visitors to touch and give foods to the animals there. But, don’t litter! The animals will eat it and they can get sick from your litter!

Entrance ticket : NT$ 100 – NT$ 200, depends on when you go there and whether you have Student ID to get a discount.

Between Green Green Grassland and Guanshan Pastoral Area, there are many food stalls. But please remind that you cannot eat there since they are not Halal. When we went there, there is a small food stall that has Halal logo in front of it, but they mention that only some menus that are Halal. So, better not eat there, because we are not sure how they cook it, whether it is using the same appliances with non Halal foods or not.

But, if you are hungry, don’t worry! Many 7-11 nearby and you can find some seafood or vegetarian foods there! ^,^


Small Swiss Garden

It is located in the Cingjing Farm area, precisely in front of Cingjing Farm Hotel and Resorts. As you can see from the name, it is small and has some architectures of a garden in Swiss. You can say this place is like a rest area after long walk of Cingjing Farm trails.

Halal XYZ – Nantou County – Small Swiss Garden
Halal XYZ – Nantou County – Small Swiss Garden

Beware, most of the foods serve in Small Swiss Garden is not Halal. So, better you go to 7-11 and find some seafood or Halal snacks there.


Taroko National Park

One of the MUST visited place in Taiwan, Taroko National Park. Maybe you wonder what kind of things that this park offer? You won’t believe what you see once you go there! It is amazing!

Source placestoseeinyourlifetime: Nantou County – Taroko National Park

Taroko and its surrounding area are famous for their marvelous marbles and long road on the mountain’s slope. You will find it amazing due to its green forest, blue clear rivers, and marvelous stones. The river uniquely has not only the cold river but also hot from the hot spring nearby.

Source travelnology: Nantou County – Taroko National Park

If you like to bike, you can bike along the Taroko national park.


Hehuan Mountain

It is one of the highest mountains in Taiwan. People will go here when winter comes since the peak is one of the rare places in Taiwan that will be covered by winter snow!

If you go to Cingjing Farm from Taipei, you can go to Hehuan Mountain, followed by Taroko National Park, because it is in the same main road, then go back to Taipei after that.

Halal XYZ – Nantou County – Hehuanshan Mountain

There are several peaks in Hehuan Mountain, which offer different landscape. We are actually perplexed by how amazing the clouds can be when they are seen from the peaks of Hehuan Mountain.

If you live in Taiwan and want to experience snow, you can go here in the winter time. But, do not forget to see weather forecast, since it will not be likely to have a snow if there is no rain on temperature below 0 degree celcius. And please bring your own transportation (please using car because it will be very cold!) and don’t forget to put railings on your car wheels since it will be very slippery.


So, how about Halal Restaurants and prayer rooms nearby ? You can check on Halal.TW App for nearby Halal venues in Nantou County area.


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