Masala Art : The Art of Halal Hyderabad Cuisine in Taipei

Masala Art : The Art of Halal Hyderabad Cuisine in Taipei

Yuanshan Park can be considered as one of the best family and friends destination during weekend in Taipei. It has a huge park area, many exhibition areas, museums, and a food court. Usually, there is always something in Yuanshan park, either farmer market, flora expo, startup expo (see our booth in Meet Taipei 2017), and even toys expo. Family and friends will go there on weekend because it has a huge area that children can run on it, and many windows that can be used by dancing teams to learn their new dancing movements.

What we want to specifically mention in this article is that there is two Halal restaurants in MAJI Square, a food court inside YuanShan Park. Interestingly, these two Halal restaurants are owned by one Muslim brother from India. The first restaurant is called Masala Art, and the other one is called Azeez.

Masala Art, Indian Restaurant, in YuanShan Park
Halal.TW – Masala Art, Indian Restaurant, in YuanShan Park

Masala Art was located in the big restaurants area, where people can sit outside the restaurants and feel the breeze of big tree on the middle of MAJI Square. Meanwhile, Azeez is located in the small vendors area nearby the entrance of MAJI Square.

Azeez, Indian Food Vendor, in YuanShan Park
Halal.TW – Azeez, Indian Food Vendor, in YuanShan Park

Maybe you has a question in your mind, or thought, that Masala Art and Azeez are just like any other Indian Restaurant. But, no. Because the owner is come from Hyderabad India, which is the home of Indian Biryani. On the interview with us, he mentioned that Indian Biryani (original one of course) are made by people from Hyderabad and the taste is very unique (also the smell is very delicious). Of course other Indian can make biryani but this Hyderabad Biryani is nothing to compare with.

In Masala Art, you have to try his recommendation (and OUR recommendation ^,^), such as :

Chicken Hawain Salad

Remember, not Hawaii, but Hawain, the special salad that mixed the┬áchicken, pineapple, anddressed in cheese and special sauce. You have to eat this as a starter. The taste is not like other cheese sauce that we ever tried before. It is fresh, tasty, and unique. If we are on diet, we caneat only this for a whole week.. because it is very delicious. ­čÖé

Halal.TW – Masala Art – Chicken Hawain Salad

Tandori Chicken

For the main course, you can try Tandori Chicken. Achicken leg marinated in natural yogurt with ethnic spices and finished in Indian clay oven. The chicken leg is very big and because Indian likes to eat with their hand, don’t worry to get messy, because they provide an aluminum foil for you to eat the chicken with.

Tandori Chicken in Masala Art
Halal.TW – Masala Art – Tandori Chicken

Mutton Biryani Rice

Of course you have to eat Biryani Rice, which is their speciality. Usually mutton is smelly, but this mutton, doesn’t have any smell at all. We are really shock with the fact that not only the mutton is not smelly but also very tender. But if you don’t like mutton, you can choose other meats such as chicken or beef, and even vegetables or only biryani rice. You can eat the rice with the tandori chicken.

Halal.TW – Masala Art – Mutton Biryani Rice

Beef Masala

Masala is very famous in any Indian restaurants, including Masala Art. They named the shop with this spice because Masala is one of the main ingredients of Indian foods. This beef masala is cooked with authentic Indian Masala gravy. The gravy is delicious and goes into the mouth easily.

Halal.TW – Masala Art – Beef Masala

Butter Naan

Some of you might know about the Indian Naan, a delicacy that everyone in India eat, on a daily basis. Masala Art makes Naan from scratch and handmade. It is served while hot and very tasty. Usually it has something inside it, and becomes roll. But, you have to try Naan with Beef Masala. The taste is amazing!

Halal.TW – Masala Art – Butter Naan

Masala Tea

Have you ever try tea that has masala on it? Don’t be afraid if you think of Masala only in food. Because Masala can be used as a drink too. The Indian Tea is like Taiwanese Milk Tea but different on the aftertaste because of the Masala.

Kids Curry

If you go to YuanShan park with kids, don’t worry because they have kids menu. It is not spicy at all. We have tried it and it is really suitable for kids. The vegetables are well-cooked, so that the taste is not really veggies, and kids will love it.

Halal.TW – Masala Art – Kids Curry


The price in Masala Art is between NT$ 60 – NT$ 520.

Is it too expensive? Don’t worry. You can try Azeez, that provide similar but cheaper price. ^.^

In Azeez, you have to try their Banana Roll, Chocolate Roll, Butter Naan, and Beef Curry.

The Range Price in Azeez is between NT$ 40 – NT$ 160.

During the interview, the owner mentioned to us that Masala Art also provide Lunch Set and Dinner Set starting this week, 20 November 2017. So, you don’t have to buy many menus. You can buy a set and you can try some dishes at one time.

If it’s already the time for you to pray, Masala Art dedicates a special location for you to pray. You can just ask them and they will provide for you.

Location : MAJI Square – Yuanshan Park, Taipei Expo.

Address : No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

The image on Google Street above is not the newest image. MAJI Square has been renovated and more beautiful than before.

Transportation by MRT Red Line to Yuanshan MRT Station, Exit 1.

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