Taipei Main Station Halal Exotic Delight

Taipei Main Station Halal Exotic Delight

Halal at Taipei Main Station

Do you know that at Taipei Main Station you can find Halal Restaurant?The restaurant is called “Delhi X Press”. They offered varieties of menus, mixed from Indian and Morrocan cuisines. The restaurant actually is a branch of Casablanca Restaurant. Check our review here.

The restaurant located on the second floor of the main hall. You can access it easily from West Gate and proceed through the stairs to the second floor. Check out for our video in the last paragraph.

Delhi X press venue
The front side of Delhi X Press. You can order here and get your number and wait for your number to be called.
Delhi X Press: Indian & Morrocan Mixed Cuisine

We recommend for the first time customer to check their Special Beef menu. The meat is seasoned well with herbs and spices and placed in a gravy curry. On our visit, we check their shrimp noodle. Surprisingly the taste is also good! You can request to add more hot spices to it. The soup is full of rich shrimp flavor. Don’t forget to try their Samosa. If you order double Samosa package, you will get two flavors! One with curry, and the other with melted cheese (so yummy!).

Special beef menu. Really tasty.
See the soup there? It’s full of shrimp flavor!
Delhi X Press samosa
This samosa is filled with melted cheese! So yummy!

You can get to their address through our app, But, careful because the venue is inside the main hall of Taipei Main Station.

Their full address showed in our app.

Check the video below to see how to go to the venue’s location.

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