Chinese Muslim Association Profile

Chinese Muslim Association Profile

Chinese Muslim Association: Founded in 1937

Chinese Muslim Association (CMA) or 中國回教協會 is the umbrella organization of Muslims in Taiwan. It was founded in 1937 and now has over 80 years history. They have the experience to authorize halal certification service since 1996.

The front door of the China Muslim Association office.
Inside of the CMA office. Located inside Taipei Grand Masjid.
Chinese Muslim Association inside office
They will give you this beautiful logo if your services are Halal certified. Their categories are divided into: Muslim Restaurant, Muslim Friendly Restaurant, and Muslim Friendly Tourism.
Having Partnership with Tourism Bureau and others

CMA applied for halal logo patent from Intellectual Property Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs by 2008. In 2012, Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA) authorized for issuing Halal certification of export halal products. Also has signed a contract with the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation for organizing the case of “Taiwan Muslim Friendly Environment Improvement Project “.

Up until now, CMA has been successfully certified hundreds of restaurants and hotels to provide suitable services for Muslim tourists. They also cooperate with regional governments to promote “Feature travel”.

Aside from that, CMA also certified 10 poultry abattoirs as to solve the major problem of twenty to thirty thousand foreign Muslims and restaurants in Taiwan to get halal meat.

Not many people know that the application for Halal Certificates for Hotels and Restaurant is FREE for everyone!

You can access the address through our app,

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