Pamukkale: A New Turkish Halal Restaurant Near MRT Kaohsiung Arena

Pamukkale: A New Turkish Halal Restaurant Near MRT Kaohsiung Arena

Near MRT Kaohsiung Arena

If you are living in Kaohsiung or if you want to travel to Kaohsiung, there is a good news for you! A new Turkish Restaurant just recently opened! Located near the MRT Kaohsiung Arena, Pamukkale: Turkish Restaurant will help your needs of halal foods. They serve Halal Turkish Cuisine freshly from the kitchen.

Pamukkale Turkish Restaurant front store
The front side of the Restaurant. You can find it easily from MRT Kaohsiung Arena (few mins walking)
Inside of the restaurant. You can see Turkish ornaments and crafts. On the back side, you can find the kitchen.
We have visited their kitchen.
Pamukkale: A New Turkish Sensation

We recommend you to try their chicken kebab with thin bread. The seasoning is not too heavy, it was very light and very suitable for East Asian or South East Asian people. Beyti Kebab with minced lamb can also be considered too. It is salty and tender.

You can choose a set of the menu instead single one. It will consist of corbalar (soup on the left), salat (salad in the middle) and sutlac (rice pudding on the right).
Chicken kebab and beyti kebab at Pamukkale
On the left side is the Chicken Kebab with Thin Bread (Tavuk Doner). While the right side is Beyti Kebab.

Aside from those dishes, try also their Oven Grilled Steel Plate (Tava Cesitleri). We try their Steel Plate Grilled Chicken (Tava Da Kanat), and it is delicious. The dishes served using the hot plate. Enjoy while the grilled chicken is still warm!

This is how Tava Da Kanat looks like. Really tasty!

Don’t forget to taste their Pide too. The dough and the toppings are the real deal. We tried the cheesy one. The chicken and cheese on the pide were perfect!

This is chicken doner with cheese pide. The cheese melt and mixed well with the chicken and the dough!

The owner, a Turkish guy, said that the store has been opened for several months. He was very happy that the restaurant was visited by us.

So, if you are in Kaohsiung or want to plan to go, check out this restaurant! You can go find Pamukkale through our app,

The full address of the restaurant. You can find it through our app.

Check out our video inside Pamukkale: Turkish Restaurant below!

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