A Sneak Peek at the Za Share EXPO

A Sneak Peek at the Za Share EXPO

ZA Share Expo: Unique Way to Share Knowledge

What’s your imagination to “Education”? Is it something always related to school or classroom with preaching teacher and sleepy students? Being complimented as the “funniest expo on earth,” Za Share EXPO wants to tell you education is not boring at all and has much more possibilities. More than 120 educational organizations gathered in the EXPO on Oct 20-22, excelled themselves to rock this Asia’s biggest innovative education exposition.

ZA Share expo attract more than 40,000 participants
Taking place at HuaShan Creative Park, Za Share Expo was estimated to attract more than 40,000 participants during the three-day event.

“Learning is to be engaged in actively rather than to be forced” Za Share funder Su Yang-Chih(蘇仰志) emphasized. “Za Share is to help everyone ranging from 0 to 99 years old to regain their passion toward learning and break the idea of what education is like”; Hence, Za Share is built more like a “wonderland for learning”, rather than simply an educational exposition.

SHOKUZiNE(職人) aims at telling the stories of dedicated craftsmen in Taiwan and helping children developing an interest in different fields rather than only focusing on academic achievement.
Ranging from NGO, Startup Media to Digital Learning Platform

The word “Za”(雜) in Chinese means “motley,” and could be derived as there are various ways of learning. The booths in Za Share also range a lot from NGO focusing on rural education, startup media covering non-mainstream issues, to digital learning platform redesigning materials to intrigue students. Some groups that are related to South East Asia/ Islam Culture are also highlights at the expo.

SEA Breeze(心對話) introduces Taiwanese youth to have in-depth travel to the SEA countries. They currently focus on the program to Aceh, Indonesia and has been making effort to introduce Islam Culture to Taiwanese.
One Forty is an NPO devoted to empower SEA migrant workers in Taiwan by providing them courses in language, finance, required skills, etc.. By holding different kinds of cultural exchange activities and expo, One Forty has become the bridge between Taiwanese and SEA friends.
The team of Taipei Walking Tour is passionate to tell the story of Taipei by offering city tour and invite you to explore the unnoticed corner of this both historical and vigorous city. The Little Indonesia Tour around Taipei Main Station offers a new angle to know Taipei.

You can check their official website here.

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