Halal Moroccan Cuisine at Nearby Shida Night Market!

Halal Moroccan Cuisine at Nearby Shida Night Market!


Wondering for any Halal food in Shida? Good news! Now, you can enjoy Casablanca Moroccan Deli Restaurant nearby Shida after sightseeing the Shida market! All of their menus is halal!

Psssstt…Â They just open in this month of October! Actually, they have two stores, one is at the Taipei Main Station 2F Hall, and now they open a new one in Shida!

Casablanca Moroccan Cuisine
Front store of Casablanca

Located at the strategic location, Casablanca Moroccan Deli Restaurant will give you Middle-Eastern vibe with their dishes and beverages. Their food will be served fresh from the chef!

The owner will serve you with a smile. 🙂

The spices and seasonings are really middle-eastern style. You can taste the strong taste of herbs and spices mixed with chicken or beef. Delicious!

Check out all of their menus! All is good! 😀

Try their Chicken Kebab Curry Rice! It will be served with chicken kebab and rice with curry sauce! Maybe try also Chicken Leg rice, chicken leg with rice and sauce. Or try Shawarma Chicken Salad, a healthy mix because of a lot of vegetables in this dish. All of their sauce is really good, sour, sweet with a strong sense of spices!

Moroccan Deli Restaurant
Try all these dishes! From left to right: Chicken Kebab Curry Rice, Chicken Leg Rice, and Shawarma Chicken Salad.

All of their dishes prices is around NT$80-NT$180 (Main dishes). You need to check it out!

You can follow their FB: https://www.facebook.com/Casablancaice/

Also, you can find the restaurant through our app Halal.TW.

This is the location looks within the map! PS: We are using our new interface! Stay tuned for the new interface launching 🙂
You can find Casablanca Moroccan Deli Restaurant at this address. PS: This is our new interface looks, we will launch our new interface soon. Alright, we are just teasing it for you 🙂
Our visit to the restaurant. The owner is so nice 🙂

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