Halal Trip : The North Coast of Taiwan

Halal Trip : The North Coast of Taiwan

Do you like beaches and oceans? Taiwan is famous with its coast in north, east, west, and south. If you live in Taipei area, the closest one is the north coast of Taiwan, which is around New Taipei City until Keelung County. But, sometimes, you are afraid to go travel because you do not know where to go, which foods that are Halal, and where you can pray when the time comes. Here is our recommendation of Halal Trip in north coast of Taiwan.


tamsuiĀ old street

To start your journey to the north coast of Taiwan, if you use public transportation, Tamsui Old Street is the right place to start. Located in the end of Red Line of Taipei Metro, it is easy to go and it’s one of the most famous places to visit for both locals and tourists. You can feel the breeze of the ocean, while you see street vendors selling their local or foreign foods. But of course, you will be hungry if you only see the food, right? so, here are some Halal foods that you can try in Tamsui Old Street.

Tamsui Old Street
Tamsui Old Street.
Image Source : Formosa Guide

Fatima Halal Foods: Pakistani / Indian Curry House

There is a Pakistani/Indian shop near MRT Station, which next to the Starbucks, on the corner of the old street entrance. They have beef curry, chicken curry, and Indian rolls. The rolls are fantastic, you have to try the chocolate one. Read our review of Fatima Halal Foods to know more about this shop and find the location through our Halal.TW App.

Fatima Halal Food in Tamsui Old Street
Halal Curry and Chocolate Rolls are our recommendations for you

Turkish Ice Cream

As you might expect from a place nearby the ocean, heat is always there. So, there are actually a lot of vendors selling huge ice cream there. But, the taste is not as beautiful as the appearance. If you want something unique and tasty, you can try the only Turkish Ice Cream available in Tamsui Old Street. The owner is Turkish and people said he looks like Sylvester Stalone, plus he is very funny. He will serve you with a funny action of ice cream making. This shop always attracts a lot of people.

Turkish Ice Cream
Turkish Ice Cream in Tamsui Old Street.
Image Source : Antonio Tajuelo


FuguiĀ cape lighthouse

It is located in the northernmost part of Taiwan. If you see on the map, Taiwan has an edge on the upper side of the island, and this is the part where you can see only the ocean in front of you.

Fugui Cape House
Fugui Cape House – Northtern most part of Taiwan
Fugui Cape House. Halal Trip in north of Taiwan
Ocean Landscape near Fugui Cape House

You can take some pictures of the lighthouse and after that buy some kinds of seafood on the fish market there called Fugui Fish Port orĀ åƌåŸŗę¼ęøÆ. The price is quite reasonable, If you want to eat the seafood there, you can ask the seller to cook for you. But be careful you have to ask whether they cook the seafood using pork oil or not. Some sellers, they only use vegetables oil and do not have any haram substances when they cook. But some of them have. So, better be careful and maybe better to take the fresh seafood home.

Fresh Sea Creatures Ready to Eat in Fugui Fish Market
Fresh Sea Creatures Ready to Eat in Fugui Fish Market
Fresh Seafood on Fugui Fish Market
Fresh Seafood on Fugui Fish Market



Taiwan has a lot of wind power and they planted those wind turbines on its coasts. During your journey on the east coast of Taiwan, you will find a lot of huge wind turbine, which you actually can visit. One of them is Shimen Wind Power Station. You have to walk from the big road to the station, and it’s a long hike. But, if you have scooter or car, it will be better. It has 47 metersĀ diameter and 68.5 meters in height. When you visit this wind turbine, you will be gasped by the amazing landscape of the ocean in front of you, due to its location in the peak of the ocean cliff.

Shimen Wind Power Station toward the ocean
Shimen Wind Power Station toward the ocean
Image Source : Soujouner Sara


shimen wedding plaza

Are you romantic? If you are, or if you are with someone romantic, you should come visit this area for a short time. Located on the coast, the wedding plaza has a great view of the ocean. People occasionally use this place for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Shimen Wedding Plaza
Shimen Wedding Plaza
Image Source : northguan-nsa.gov.tw


shimen arch

Scientists said that the arch formed because of the ocean’s tides eroded the bottom of the rocks, leaving behind arch formed rock or ēŸ³é–€ę“ž, literally translated as “cave”. It is located beside the rest area. So, you can stop in here for a moment and visit this beautiful rocks.

Shimen Arch
Shimen Arch – formed by the erosion of the sea. ImageĀ Source : northguan-nsa.gov.tw
Bridge in Shimen Arch
Bridge in Shimen Arch


yehliu geopark

It is another tourist spot in the New Taipei City area. Yehliu Geopark is very famous with its honeycomb shaped rocks on the beach. These rocks are very strange and even formed statues like a queen, princess, and leopard. You have to try to visit this location and the ticket is also very chep. Adult is NT$80 and students/concessions will get 50% discount. So, do not forget to bring your ID.

Halal trip in north coast of taiwan
Yehliu Geopark

In Yehliu Geopark, there is a fish market too. But mostly, they sell fish-related products. Interested? Of course you are. But, be careful. Not all fish products are Halal. You have to ask the seller which oil they use and is it contains any Haram substances or not. So, be careful.

Now, after long trip from Tamsui Old Street to Yehliu Geopark, you must be hungry right? There is a Halal restaurant nearby,

Toko Indo Halal

Indonesian Halal Shop near Yehliu Geopark
Indonesian Halal Shop near Yehliu Geopark.
Image Source : Taiwan Halal


The English of the restaurant is Indonesian Halal Shop. They provide many Halal dishes thereto fill your empty stomach. The owner opened the shop in Yehliu because there are many Indonesian sailers in Yehliu, as you might see near Yehliu Geopark.

Musholla Nurul Hidayah

Don’t worry if you are confused where to pray. Because in the restaurant, there is also a Musholla or a prayer room for you to use. You will see that there are a lot of Muslim guys living in the area.

You can find both the Halal restaurant and prayer room via our app Halal.TW.


yehliu ocean World


Dolphin Show on Yehliu Ocean Park
Dolphin Show on Yehliu Ocean world.
Image Source : justgola

If you like dolphins, right beside the Yehliu Geopark, there is a Yehliu Ocean World. They open until 5PM and have dolphin shows.


The ticket price is NT$400 / person.

Then, you can play with dolphins if you selected from the group.


Halal Trip in North Coast of Taiwan: Easy Access with Low-Budget Prices

So, the next important question is how can you go from one place to another? don’t worry. There is a shuttle bus that depart from Tamsui MRT Station and stop on major attractions along the route of Taiwan’s north coast. You can find the bus on the bay No.6 with signed route 862. The price is NT$200 for a day.

Now you know the places to go, what to eat, where to eat, and where to pray. So, what take you so long to decide to go? Have fun and enjoy your Halal Trip inĀ North Coast of Taiwan!


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