Delicate Indonesian Cuisine Nearby Taipei Grand Masjid

Delicate Indonesian Cuisine Nearby Taipei Grand Masjid

Located Nearby TGM

If you are looking for delicate Indonesian Cuisine with Halal certified foods and products, maybe Royal Coffee & Resto is the answer. Located nearby Taipei Grand Masjid, this restaurant can be easily found just by a few mins walk. It is a perfect place for enjoying meals, especially after your praying time.

Royal Coffee
The front store of Royal Coffee
The restaurant has been certified by CMA as Halal Restaurant.
The Dishes

Royal Coffee provides variety Indonesian dishes from fried rice, curry, and grilled chicken, you can find all of it in here. Their price range from 120-160 NTD. You can also order drinks and desserts (around 70 NTD)

You can check their menu first (It has English, Indonesian and Chinese language in it).

For the first-timer, try their fried or grilled chicken with vegetables and spices! The chicken was cooked by rich-flavoring seasoning and spices.

The chicken looks from above. Looking really good!
The chicken was prepared with rice, tempe and other vegetables, and of course, it has special Indonesian special hot sauce.

Aside from that, you can order Mutton curry. This dish was served with rice and hot sauce.

Mutton Curry looks from above.

The Mutton Curry itself has a rich flavor in the soup and mixed well with the meat. You can enjoy your scoop of rice with mutton and the soup altogether! Yummy!

Look at the scoop of the meat and soup! You can also add some crackers inside too!
Enjoy your meals with families, colleagues or friends!

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