Try This Turkish Restaurant with Delightful Dishes!!

Try This Turkish Restaurant with Delightful Dishes!!

Turkish Food at Safranbolu: Turkish Restaurant
Hungry? Try these Turkish dishes!
Authentic Turkish Restaurant

Have you tried Turkish Dishes? If not, probably you can taste those dishes in Safranbolu: Turkish Restaurant! Located at the intersection of Nanjing East Road and Jilin Road, you will find the store easily with their name placed on the top section of the building.

You will find the interior inside full with Turkish accessories and ornaments which our Turkish friend considering it as “feels like home“. When it comes to the dishes, our Turkish friend finds it really delicious and has Turkish authentic taste. Let’s take a look.

The Dishes at Safranbolu: Turkish Restaurant

There are several dishes that you can choose from. We recommend you to take these dishes in a group so that you can share varieties of these delightful dishes with your friends or families!

Halal XYZ was in Safranbolu
We really recommend going in a group so that you can share your meals together.

Try their Doner Kebab, it can be Beef, Lamb or Chicken and combine it with Pide (Turkish version of flatbread). Several of their main dishes have rice and vegetables in it. You can taste their mixture of seasonings with vegetable and herbs. You can choose Beyti Doner Kebab with beef or lamb for your main dish. It has meat, rice, vegetable, and yogurt.

Beyti consisting of ground beef or lamb grilled on a skewer and topped with tomato sauce and yogurt.

Try Pide with meat, cheese, and egg as the toppings! It will literally melt your mouth with its salty and creamy taste. Aside from Pide, you can also choose Lahmajoun, a special pizza-like dishes with minced meat, vegetables, and herbs as the toppings.

Turkish Yogurt
Our Turkish friend suggest to accompany meat dishes with this drink.
Authentic Turkish Beverages

After that, drink your Turkish yogurt to ease your digesting process. Then their desserts will be the last cuisine. We really recommend choosing their Sutlac (Rice Pudding). It is truly the best dessert in this restaurant! It is sweet and a little bit creamy, and it has wonderful taste! You can’t hold yourself asking for more!

The best desserts in Safranbolu
Try these desserts to end your delightful meals. (From top to bottom: Caramel Pudding, Kazandibi (Turkish Burned Milk Pudding), and Sutlac (Rice Pudding)

Certification: CMA Muslim Restaurant

Open: 11 AM – 10 PM

Location: No.60 Section 2, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District., Taipei City

Price Range: TW$ 390 – 500 (Doner), TW$ 190 – 280 (Pide), TW$ 50 – 150 (Dessert)

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Safranbolu in Halal.TW
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