Sincung for Halal Taiwan just Officially Launched!

Sincung for Halal Taiwan just Officially Launched!

Opening Ceremony

On Saturday, October, 14th, 2017, one company in Taiwan just officially launched. The company, Sincung Halal Taiwan, cooperated with MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia/Indonesian Islamic Scholar Council) becomes the official MUI partner here in Taiwan. MUI chairman and staffs from Indonesia were invited among the other honorable guests and give some speech.

Sincung is now an official partner of MUI in terms of Halal certification process in Taiwan.
MoU between Sincung Halal Taiwan and MUI
MoU between Sincung and MUI regarding the auditing the process for the Halal certification.

The MUI chairman, Dr. KH. Ma’ruf Amin, gives the opening speech. Later on, Sincung high directors and the other MUI representatives, from MUI laboratory, Jurisprudence section, and Halal Watch also giving some keynotes.

Mutual Partnership Between Sincung for Halal Taiwan and MUI

MUI really appreciate what Sincung Halal Taiwan is doing with Halal markets. MUI also hope their mutual partnership will be beneficial in the future and the knowledge of Taiwan’s people regarding Halal will increase.

The Sincung Halal Taiwan main service is to deliver Halal certification to Taiwan’s company who want to enter Indonesia market. There are more than hundreds company in Taiwan that has interest for MUI certification.

The scheme for the certification is based on the request from the clients (companies) who want their products to be Halal certified. Later on, MUI representative will make an audit for the products and pass on the ruling, whether the product is halal or not. The final step, MUI will register the product as Halal certified.

MUI Chairman, KH. Ma’ruf Amin gives opening speech in the event.

Hopefully, this launching could increase the awareness of Halal for any companies in Taiwan, especially if they really want to enter Indonesia market. This is mainly because there is a policy in Indonesia regarding the halal certification of the products. The policy main objective is to protect Indonesian Muslim citizen with those Halal labels.

Check out the official website of Sincung Halal Taiwan to know more here

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