Experience Muslim Friendly Features at Sherwood Hotel!

Experience Muslim Friendly Features at Sherwood Hotel!

Sherwood Hotel: Muslim Friendly

If you consider yourself as Muslim travelers and want to make sure that your traveling destination has a halal tourism feature in it, you might want to consider to go to Sherwood Hotel in Taipei. This Hotel has been certified as Muslim Friendly TourismĀ Hotel!

The front side of the hotel.
What the inside of the hotel looks like.
Muslim Friendly Features

This Muslim Friendly Hotel featured several things that might benefit Muslim tourists such as providing Qibla direction (prayer direction) and a prayer mat in the room, and lastly Muslim set-menu!

They provide Qibla direction in the room!
They provide also the praying timetable in the room.
Muslim-set menu at Sherwood Hotel
Dining Room in the 3rd floor that provides Muslim-set menu
Muslim-set Menu

There are two restaurants that can prepare Muslim set-menu in the hotel. But, you need to make the reservation for the Muslim set-menu at least 7 days before arrival because they needĀ to prepare all the ingredients to be 100% Halal. It is truly Muslim Friendly!

The Hotel address (it is near Songshan airport!)

You can find this hotel through our app halal.tw.

Enjoy your visit to Taiwan! Experience Muslim Friendly Tourism services in each Halal venues through ourĀ app!

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