Let’s Have Fun Playing Go-kart!

Let’s Have Fun Playing Go-kart!

In Bali, New Taipei City, you can have fun playing Go-Kart! The place is called LoveKart, the location is around 30 minutes driving from Tamsui. They offer a special price on Saturday! Go, check it out!

This is the front side of the LoveKart Arena
Check out the price packages! If you have a lot of friends to come, you can check 10 people package!

There are several things that you need to know beforehand, there are several packages for the price, single people driver, double, and package for 10 people. The instructor will help you to┬ádrive Go-Kart. After that, get ready for the race guys! Let’s have fun playing Go-Kart!

The Go-Kart racing area!

You can check this Go-Kart area location here

This is how the race looks like…..

After the race, if you are feeling tired and hungry, go taste Fatima Halal Food Stall in Tamsui! Check out our review!

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