Fulfill your Thirst with This Crazy Monster! (it is HALAL!)

Fulfill your Thirst with This Crazy Monster! (it is HALAL!)

Cozy Ice Restaurant

Are you looking for a cozy place where you can fulfill your thirst with huge bowls of shaved ice with additional toppings? We have the answer for you: ICE MONSTER!

Front side of the ICE MONSTER venue
If you want to take away you orders, you can order your dishes right away outside of the store.
The Menu

Ice Monster will bring you to feel icy sensation with their special dishes! As the name suggests, you will get shaved ice (shaved really thin) with a huge bowl as if it is like a monster (?). There are several choices for you, but we suggest to try their fruit sensation! You will get shaved ice, real fruits, sorbet and thick syrup.

Try this fresh mango sensation! Shaved ice with mango and its thick syrup. Yummy!
Take a look this scoop of the shaved ice with mango! This is a real deal!!

The price range for the shaved ice is between 210-260 NTD. It depends on which menu you want to get.

We also tried charred oolong tea flavor. It has shaved ice with oolong tea flavor, mung bean, herb jelly, and some peanuts to cover.

Pssst! Their venue already have a halal certificate! So no worries to scoop your very first HALAL ice-shaved dishes!!

They do have Halal certification as a Muslim Friendly Restaurant!

You can find this cool venue in our app halal.tw. Download now!

Check out this venue in our app!

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