Kaohsiung Prayer Room: You can find it at Train Station!

Kaohsiung Prayer Room: You can find it at Train Station!

If you live in Kaohsiung or considering for traveling to Kaohsiung, this information might be useful for you! Guess what? You can find Kaohsiung prayer room in its Train Station!

Prayer Room Sign Post! Just follow the direction, don’t worry.

This prayer room is located at the rear part of Kaohsiung Train Station. If you come to this station through the front gate, then you need to take a “pass by” ticket and going through from the front to the rear section through the channel.

You need to walk through the channel if you arrived at the front gate
You need to go along the stairs until you arrive at the prayer room

Inside the Kaohsiung prayer room, you will find super comfy room provided with air conditioner. This is truly magnificent for Taiwan government for giving us this service!

Finally arrived at the prayer room!
You will find the information board about this prayer room, how to use, etc, please do pay attention 🙂
Inside of the kaohsiung prayer room
This is the inside of the prayer room!

So, if you are going to this city, you can find prayer room in Kaohsiung train station!

Watch our video while inside the prayer room!

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