Enjoy Traditional Taiwanese Beef Noodle (It’s HALAL!)

Enjoy Traditional Taiwanese Beef Noodle (It’s HALAL!)

Traditional Taiwanese Beef Noodle or 牛肉麵 is one of the common popular foods in Taiwan. Now, you can enjoy this dish without any worries, because there are several restaurants already certified as Halal Restaurants! If you are in Taipei, go and try this traditional food, it will literally melt your mouth!

The Beef Broth is rich with taste, the noodle is thick and the beef itself is juicy! Oh, awesomeness!

The Beef Noodle will be served fresh from the cooking pot. It will have tasteful beef broth with thick noodle and beef (with additional such as tendon, etc, depends on your menu). The thick noodle mixed with the tasteful broth along with the juicy beef will make your mouth filling with awesomeness. It is as if the beef swimming in your mouth for quite some time.

Imagine this lump of tender Beef filling in your mouth with its awesome taste!

This Beef Noodle Restaurant also served several additional dishes such as dumplings, fried dumplings, vegetables, etc. The main dishes price is around 120-180 NTD, while the additional price range is around 10-60 NTD, depends on the dishes type.

This is Fried dumpling or 鍋貼 with beef inside

This review is from the Muslim Beef Restaurant because you will see there are two shops in this area (they are neighbors). By the way, their shop has the English and Indonesian menu, so don’t worry about choosing the dishes. If you are hungry and want to add more noodles, don’t worry, you can ask to add more noodles without any additional fees! (Of course, if you want to add another beef or dishes, you need to pay more)

See, Halal certified on the front store!

You can find this Restaurant on our app. Download it from our website halal.tw.

This is the restaurant profile with its address in our app.

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