Halal XYZ need YOU!

Halal XYZ need YOU!

Halal XYZ welcome all of you to become our contributors!

Do you want to experience new challenges, creating your very creative script for video making? Do you want to have opportunities for traveling, or meet up with several people in Halal industry?

If you have that interest, maybe this is for YOU!

Halal XYZ will have several projects! Their projects consist of blog writers and contributors for creating videos.
Your responsibility for the blog is to create its content, it can be either news or restaurant/product review or anything that related to Halal or Islam. Also, you can join our Halal Hunter team! Please read our post before.

For videos, we really need people who have experience in videography. The video will be about halal venues review, experiences, or semi-documentaries. We need creative people and really having interest in Muslim or Halal things.

Hopefully, in the future Halal XYZ can expand their idea and reach all Muslim people, connecting all in one platform!

Please watch the full video!

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