Where to Find Halal Products in Taiwan? Our IG!

Where to Find Halal Products in Taiwan? Our IG!

The problems that are faced by Muslims in Taiwan, either Taiwanese or foreigners Muslims are where to find Halal venues and Halal products. The difficulties often faced by many Muslims is because the limited number of products and no institutions or organizations to help them collect the information on a single platform. Learn history of Taiwanese Muslim here.

Worry not!┬ We have a solution for you!

Halal XYZ is introducing its Instagram account, specific for collecting information about Halal products that can be found all across Taiwan. Follow the Instagram account on @halal.tw.

Follow us and get the latest news about news, events and Halal Products database!

The purpose of this account is to help Muslims in Taiwan gaining access to Halal foods, products, and venues. The products are image-based and published when our contributors found it on the spot.

The products published on IG are varied, such as noodles, snacks, candies, sauces, instant foods, drinks, spices, etc. Most of the products are imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philipines, Vietnam, India, Turkey, UAE, and even some from Europe.

Do you want to be part of our Halal product hunters?

If you want to be part of our Halal product hunters, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on IG, or you can also send the Halal products’ or venues photo to us (DM us via IG) and we will publish it in our IG too! ^^

Don’t forget to take the product photos and the close-up photo of Halal certification.

PS: We also welcome everyone to join our creative team! Watch THIS VIDEO for the information.



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