On Saturday, September 30th, at NTUST Auditorium, Halal XYZ exclusively showcases their latest apps interface demo, in NTUST-IMSA welcome party event. This new interface hopefully will be launched soon. The new features including halal products database and better halal navigation mapping system.

Before the demo, Halal XYZ briefly introduced their team, achievement, and goals for the future. All the mission connected to their tagline “Towards Digitalized Ummah”. At the end of the presentation, they shared their tagline for the halal.tw platform “Halal is My Style”

Halal XYZ (left: Mahmood and right: Iman) present the team intro and showcasing their new app interface!!


PS: The team also wanted all of you to become contributors! We are welcome to you guys! Please watch this video to know more about what we need from you. Also, read our previous blog about Halal Hunters contribution here.


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