Halal Food Section in Carrefour Taiwan

Halal Food Section in Carrefour Taiwan

Who thought that Carrefour will provide Halal Foods section in its stores across Taiwan? It’s real and It’s exciting!!

These past years, Taiwan government increases the promotion of Southbound Policy and it means there will be a lot of imported Halal products in Taiwan. Most of them are foods, although some companies might consider importing cosmetics, medicine, or other Halal products/services. It’s also in line with the number of Muslims

living in Taiwan, which keeps increasing each year, especially foreign Muslim workers.

Carrefour accommodates the needs of Halal Foods and Products in their special section of Imported Products – Halal Foods.

The products also vary from many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Philipines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

You can find not only snacks but also foods like Hummus, Spices, Sauces, Candies, Chips, etc.

Find out what products sold on Carrefour through our Instagram @halal.tw

You can also find Halal venues all across Taiwan using our app Halal.Taiwan.

Download the apps NOW in Google Play or App Store.



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