HALAL XYZ Had Debut at Rock the Future Startup Fair

HALAL XYZ Had Debut at Rock the Future Startup Fair

Visitors from various backgrounds visiting our booth to get know more about our apps and services.

Team Halal XYZ had our debut this Tuesday (9/26) at Rock the Future Startup Fair and was invited to introduce our service to new friends and investors. The theme this year is to strengthen the connections between startups and New Southbound Policy.

Halal XYZ presentation about Halal.Taiwan apps, its features, and next goals.
Rock the Future is held by Youth Development Department of Ministry of Education, it is to provide a platform to connect young startups with industries and society. At the Fair this Tuesday, it included 35 startup booths to showcase their innovative products and services ranging from Smart Hardware, Lifestyle, Mobile to InnoTech.
Halal XYZ had the first public presentation there, it was not only to share our goal and service but also to draw people’s attention about the promising Halal-economy. New friends came to our booth showed strong interest in knowing more about our vision in building a halal-ecosystem in Taiwan. In the past, people in Taiwan might not be well-informed about Islam culture; but it was very delighted to find that general people showed their interest and friendliness toward this new issue, regardless of a business or cultural-diversity perspective.
Halal XYZ team with Startboard members and mentor for Southbound Policy topic from Louis International Patent Office.
As participants, we were also rewarded in interacting with the public, potential investors, and mentors at the Fair. All the feedback, suggestions and encouragement are truly appreciated. Hopefully, as the slogan goes, we will Rock the Future.

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