Review: Koka Instant Noodles (Laksa Flavor)

Review: Koka Instant Noodles (Laksa Flavor)

If you want to find an alternative instant noodle with a unique taste, you may try KOKA instant noodles. KOKA came with three flavors (Laksa, Curry and Tom Yum). This instant noodle came with Halal certification from Singapore.

The Origin

The dish Laksa originally comes from south-east Asia, easily recognized among Melayu’s people (Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean). It is consisting of rice-noodles served in curry sauce (based on coconut milk or sour asam/tamarind) with additional like chicken, prawn or fish.

Koka Instant Noodles with Laksa Flavor offers mixed taste of spices with gravy texture in it.
Our Review!

Laksa Flavor offers you mixed taste between spices and gravy texture of the soup. It has a distinct flavor of Laksa with somewhat seafood flavor (prawn) in it. Every bite of this noodle has a deep and rich flavor of Laksa, making your thirst mouth wanting more! Moreover, the package said that it has not been added with any preservatives! So, we can consider this noodle is healthy enough.

This noodle will make your mouth wanting more and more!

You can find this brand at any convenience store like PX-Mart, Simple Mart, or even Carrefour in Taiwan. It costs around 80-90 NTD (5 packages).

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