GustoPizza: A Handmade Classic Italian Halal Pizza

GustoPizza: A Handmade Classic Italian Halal Pizza

This new halal pizza shop was just opened near Taipei Grand Mosque, specifically at Lianyun Street, Zhongshan District, which is very near with Dongmen MRT Station Exit 6.

Gusto Pizza (Front Door)

Their menus are exquisite because it’s rare to find Halal Pizza in Taipei. The owner, a British Muslim, uses a big traditional pizza furnace to burnt the pizza dough. The results? Perfect! Every topping the Pizza has will mix together with the dough, creating crispy and yet juicy flavor.

The Menu’s (ranging from 199-299 NTD). Watch out for today’s special! The Chef might serve something special for you!


Mouth-watering Pizza’s fresh from the oven! The first Halal Pizza in Taiwan!

You can find Gusto Pizza on our app, Halal.Taiwan. Oh, they closed on Tuesday by the way.

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Certification : CMA Muslim Restaurant – On Process

Open : 11.30 AM – 2 PM & 4PM – 9PM

Location : No.74 Lianyun Street, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

Price Range : TW$ 199 – 299

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