Empowering New Southbound Policy with Entrepreneurship Empowering New Southbound Policy with Entrepreneurship

Taiwan Stock Exchange, Global Brand Management Association and Startboard on Thursday, September 21st, organized Press Conference entitled, “2018 New South East International Talent Strategy: A new era of ASEAN-Indian entrepreneurship in Taiwan

Professor Chen Chun-Shan from Global Brand Management giving a welcome speech, including explanation behind the theme and elaborate future plan regarding this topic. He emphasizes the importance of Global Brands at all levels of businesses strategy and market. Startboard is the first ASEAN-Indian Talent incubation platform, concerning on helping and nurturing South East Asian and South Asian Talent to survive in Taiwan. Their strategy is to promote the New Southbound policy by empowering entrepreneurship with their new platform: Startboard.

Several important and notable guests were invited including VIP speakers: Legislator, Yu Wan-Ru; Taiwan Stock Exchange General Managers, Li Qi-Xian; E-SUN FHC General Manager, Huang Nan-Zhou; Corporate Vice President/Strategy Research Office of ASUS, Henry Yeh.

Photo Group Session: VIP speakers and all guests were invited


Global Young Talents at the event.

Click this link, if you want to find more info about this new platform:

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