Promoting Muslim Friendly Tourism from Internet Celebrities Perspectives

Promoting Muslim Friendly Tourism from Internet Celebrities Perspectives

The number of tourists coming to Taiwan has been increased over the years, this number also includes Muslim travelers. As a follow up of this upcoming Muslim travelers, several guests including internet celebrities from several countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Korea) were invited to Muslim Friendly Tour event last Wednesday, September 13th to share their views on ‘how to increase Muslim Friendly awareness’ especially in Taiwan.

Several guests, event organizers and speakers take a group photo together

The event was held by Taipei City Government and supported by Chinese Muslim Association. They are now more and more focusing on how to attract Muslim travelers from around the world to come to Taiwan.

Two Korean Muslim (internet celebrities) shared their views in the event Muslim Friendly Tour, held by Taipei Government and Chinese Muslim Association

Two notable guests are Korean Muslim and internet celebrities (Cherry and Bora) who actively campaign about Islam and Halal in their respective countries through social media. They also have quite a lot of followers in their Instagram accounts.

You can follow their story on their accounts: @cherry.ming and @olaborasong

On the left is Chaerim Kim, and on the right is Ola Bora Song.

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