Things to Do in The Month of Dhulhijjah

Things to Do in The Month of Dhulhijjah

The month of Dhulhijjah is one of the most blessed and sacred months in Islam. It is because of the Hajj (pilgrimage) and Eid al-Adha (Eid Festival-sacrificing animal).

Eid Adha announcement by Taipei Grand Masjid. Basically it says that the Eid is on September 1st and the prayer will be started at 8:00 AM.

As we begin the month of Dhul Hijjah (from August 23rd), there are several things to do which benefit us as Muslim 10 days before Eid festival (supposedly September 1st). Here are the things:
1. Fasting

Fasting in the first 10 days in this month is like fasting for a whole year, even if you can’t fast in the early days, it is really recommended to fast on the Day of Arafah, 9th of Dhulhijjah.

“Fasting on the day of Arafah is an expiation for the preceding year and the following year.” (Hadith)

Hadith related to fasting in the day of Arafah

2. Recite the Quran

These 10 days are more or less is likened to the month of Ramadan. Both are blessed months. All good deeds are encouraged to be performed. So it is highly recommended to recite the Quran more than our average days.

3. Doing Dhikr

It is common practices to recite Dhikr on the day of Eid. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t recite it the other times. All good deeds include Dhikr, are highly recommended to be performed in this month.

4. Giving charity

If giving charity in the month of Ramadan will get us multiple rewards, imagine these first 10 days. As we strive good deeds for our personal benefit in the sight of Allah, it is also encouraged to increase our good deeds towards others. Help the others, help them break their fast, give them foods, give people who are in need. This is one of the essences of the Eid Adha itself as told by the Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail as.

5. Sacrificing animal

Of course, this is the main thing to do. If you can provide animals to be slaughtered, then it is better to do it now. The story of Prophet Ibrahim as. and Ismail as. is so pivotal in Islamic tradition. Their obedience and reliance on Allah ta’ala form the basis for Muslims offering their slaughtered animals on the day of Eid.

This month of Dhulhijjah is full of events that shape our lives as Muslims, thus we should strive to seek and make benefit from it as much as we can. There are still few days left until Eid, let’s do our best 🙂

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