Chang’s Beef Noodles Restaurant 張家清真牛肉麵館

Chang’s Beef Noodles Restaurant 張家清真牛肉麵館

Braised beef noodle, or 牛肉麵 (read: niú ròu miàn), is one of the most popular Taiwanese food. Foreigners love to eat it because of its flavour is unique and spicy. You can find a Halal certified braised beef noodle restaurants in Ximen 西門 Taipei City, called Chang’s Beef Noodle Restaurant (張家清真牛肉麵館 ). They have various kind of noodles and dumplings. Plus, if you are still hungry, you can ask for free noodles on your bowl!


Chang’s Beef Noodle


Certification : CMA Muslim Friendly Restaurant

Open : 10 AM – 8PM

Location : No 21, Yanping South Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City (台北市中正區延平南路21號)

Price Range : TW$ 60 – 200

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